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King Charles Discovers More Unpleasant Truths About Prince Andrew Ahead Of His Coronation With Camilla, Queen Consort

King Charles III might be learning the extent of Prince Andrew‘s anger and frustration against him and the other royals in the media.

Prince Andrew found himself embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal. The British prince brought a tone of humiliation to the Royal Family after he was hit with a massive lawsuit by a woman who said that she was forced to sleep with him when she was a minor.

As a result, the late Queen Elizabeth II was forced to pay the woman millions to settle the case out of court.

Prince Andrew was stripped of his titles, his prestigious patronages, and other honors reserved for senior royals.

After becoming a persona non grata, Prince William and King Charles piled on the humiliation by kicking him out of Buckingham Palace.

The disgraced prince has been banned from many important royal events. After the slew of scandals and the rejection from the British royal family, Prince Andrew has his eyes set on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

He has been inspired by their cleverness to move to California and launch new careers. The duo no longer depends on King Charles and is thriving financially, and Prince Andrew would love to do the same.

A source close to Prince Andrew told the Sun: “Andrew is less bothered than people think about losing his titles and official royal roles. He is thinking about how he can forge a new career. He has been keenly keeping an eye on everything Harry and Meghan have been doing in America.”

The family friend claimed that Prince Andrew would like to get involved in a variety of charities and launch a few businesses like Markle and Prince Harry.

The source stated: “They have managed to set up a new working life away from the Royal Family, and that is something Andrew has been following very, very closely. He is very interested in the businesses and charity side of things, rather than doing anything on Netflix.”

Another insider spoke to Radar and revealed that Prince Andrew might have been inspired by the major success that Prince Harry has been able to achieve with his first tell-all book, Spare.

Taking a page from his nephew, Prince Andrew is asking himself why not write a book where he spills more royal secrets.

The person claimed: “Andrew has access to information that could prove embarrassing to Charles and, indeed, the whole family. People thought Prince Harry’s memoir was bad. But what Andrew can reveal about certain members of his family would blow the lid off!”

Ahead of their coronation, King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, might have some unpleasant surprises coming their way, thanks to Andrew.


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