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King Charles Embraces Monarchy with Grace Amid Family Tensions and Lingering Issues

King Charles has assumed his new role as the British monarch with minimal drama, contrary to some expectations. However, unresolved family disputes and lingering issues continue to challenge the 74-year-old king, who will be formally crowned on Saturday.

Since succeeding his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in September, King Charles has hinted at potential changes to the institution while avoiding controversial statements that critics feared would harm the monarchy. Royal author Tina Brown expressed surprise at how well the new king has started his reign.

Although King Charles does not enjoy the same level of support as his mother, his public approval ratings remain generally positive.

Harshan Kumarasingham, a senior lecturer in British politics at the University of Edinburgh, believes that Charles has struck the right balance between preserving his mother’s legacy and making his own mark on the monarchy and Britain.

However, several challenges remain. Republican sentiment has re-emerged during Charles’s reign, with protests and calls for apologies and reparations related to the monarchy’s links to slavery. Questions about the royal family’s wealth and finances have also arisen in the context of the UK’s cost-of-living crisis.

Family issues continue to pose problems for King Charles, such as the unresolved matter of how to address Prince Andrew’s situation after settling a U.S. sexual assault lawsuit. Additionally, the ongoing conflict between Charles and his younger son, Prince Harry, remains a prominent issue.

Despite the intense media coverage of Harry’s presence at the coronation and Meghan’s decision to remain in California with their children, some royal commentators believe that the controversy surrounding Harry will eventually fade.

Robert Hardman, a long-time royal correspondent and author, suggested that the public may be growing weary of the accusations and complaints.

As the royal family continues to focus on official engagements and charity work, their strategy of not apologizing or explaining seems to be holding up. Hardman believes that the public’s attention will shift as “normal life continues.”


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