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King Charles Gets His Wish With Prince Harry Possibly Attending The Coronation Without Meghan Markle

Since the release of Spare and the harm caused by South Park, there has reportedly been some animosity between Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

The significant gap between Markle and her husband has resulted in at least one shocking and harsh choice. The most recent sources indicate that Markle is set to grant King Charles III his request.

The mother of two has been looking for ways to miss King Charles’s coronation ceremony after being humiliated and avoided during her last two travels to London.

The occasion is scheduled on May 6 – Prince Harry and Markle’s son Archie’s 4th birthday.

According to sources that addressed the media, Markle does not want to attend the coronation because she feels she was excluded from it.

According to a source with knowledge of the matter, Meghan Markle feels “excluded” from the King’s Coronation, which could lead to her and Prince Harry missing the event. It is rumoured that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “weighing up” whether or not to travel for the wedding on May 6.

There are no responsibilities for Prince Harry and Markle if they attend the state and religious event, a source close to King Charles recently stated.

Following the wedding, King Charles forbade the couple from making an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Moreover, Prince William and Kate Middleton are to be avoided by Prince Harry and Markle at the coronation.

There is currently no position for Harry in the service, the royal insider told the Sunday Times.

According to royal sources, Prince Harry and Markle put themselves in that predicament by making the horrifying claims and disclosures in the Blockbuster tell-all book and Netflix series.

The insider added: “The King is no less affected because he personally hasn’t been the target of the majority of the rage and frustration of the book. The King feels hurt as a result of the renegades’ acts.” Because his son is the centre of attention rather than him, he feels it just as deeply and it hurts him just as much,A number of family members are suffering.

The successor to the throne will, however, play a major role in the coronation ritual

Prince William’s role was revealed by Dr. George Gross, Visiting Research Fellow in Theology at King’s College London. “I suspect he’ll be more prominent [than other working members of the Royal Family], but there isn’t a set role for the Prince of Wales because there wasn’t always a Prince of Wales at the time of the Coronation,” Dr. Gross said. Thus, it is not a predetermined part, but I am confident he will have a key position. They are also adaptable. There is no requirement for it in the military, but they may add something to give him a bigger position.

Markle might offer the King an exit ramp in the drama with Prince Harry.


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