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King Charles Loses Patience With Prince Harry And Markle’s Truth Bombs

Many members of the Royal Family are on edge because Prince Harry is set to do some more talking with a public Q&A to promote his tell-all memoir Spare.

The event is set for Saturday and will feature controversial “toxic trauma” expert Dr Gabor Maté. Royal commentators believe that the Duke of Sussex no longer has to fear his father, King Charles III.

The renegade royal has nothing to lose and might feel it is the right time to inflict more damage and get revenge. His father has decided to evict him and his wife, Meghan Markle, from Frogmore Cottage, their “forever home” in the UK.

The Monarch, who is determined not to appear weak, shocked many observers with his move. It is a clear signal that he is moving on from all of the drama.

King Charles thinks that his youngest son has crossed a red line by going after his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, in an aggressive manner.

It is an unforgivable sin because the Sovereign puts Camilla, Queen Consort, on a pedestal. Sources close to the King even say that he is willing to have zero contact with his grandchildren — Archie and Lilibet Diana — to protect his spouse.

While other royals are anxiously waiting to hear what Prince Harry has to say, King Charles is focused on his coronation ceremony, which is his top priority at the moment.

Royal expert Phil Dampier gave some insight on the mood in Buckingham Palace. He stated: “The King and Prince William would have hoped that Harry calmed down and stopped giving interviews after the publicity interviews he did for Spare, but it seems not. In fact, he may feel he has nothing to lose after being booted out of Frogmore Cottage.

So sadly, with just nine weeks to the coronation, relations between him and his family seem to be getting worse, not better.”

He continued: “Goodness only knows what he will say in this show. It will be part publicity for his book and part therapy. He has said his book could have been double the length, so he still has plenty of ammunition.

His personal attacks could get much more vicious, which could result in him and Meghan not being invited in May.”

Dampier concluded: “The Palace will fear he lobs in more of his truth bombs just when they thought things were dying down. The King has always made it clear he wants to invite them, but his patience must be wearing thin. The interview looks like the sort of event where Harry will be encouraged to let it all hang out in true California style.

If he truly wants his father and brother back, I would advise him not to do it, and it makes you wonder who is advising him now and whether he listens to them. Perhaps he is past the point of no return and simply doesn’t care anymore, which is tragic.”

King Charles will keep an eye on what Prince Harry says, but he is no longer losing sleep over his revelations.


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