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King Charles refuses to pay for Prince Andrew’s ‘treatment’

King Charles refuses to pay for Prince Andrew’s ‘treatment’

Prince Andrew has been using the services of an experienced Indian yogi for several years, and each year submits a claim for the monarch to sign off on the expense, according to express.co.uk.

Citing sources, the publication reported his mother late Queen Elizabeth paid for him without question but the situation has changed after his brother Charles became the king.

It said King Charles is refusing to pay £32,000 out of the Privy Purse for Andrew’s Indian healer as he looks to make more savings in the royal budget.

The report said Charles has stood firm against his younger brother’s demands and said he will have to foot the bill himself in his first year as King.

The Sun reported that the Duke of York is said to invite the male yogi to Royal Lodge, where he stays for up to a month at a time, to treat him using chanting, massages and holistic therapy in the privacy of his home.

Quoting a source, The Sun reported, “While the Queen was always happy to indulge her son over the years, Charles is far less inclined to fund such indulgences particularly in an era of a cost-of-living crisis.”


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