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King Charles tipped to completely snub Prince Harry in his will

Similar to how Prince Andrew supposedly did not receive any money from Elizabeth II’s will, the Duke of Sussex was not able to receive anything from his father’s will.

According to a royal pundit, Prince Harry is probably going to get nothing at all from King Charles’s will. The Duke of Sussex and his uncle, Prince Andrew, are connected by “some really awful news about wills,” according to Daniela Elser.

Ms. Elser contends that Andrew, who supposedly did not get anything from the late Queen Elizabeth II’s estate, is a sign of what Harry might encounter in an opinion piece for the New Zealand Herald.

According to her, Elizabeth II made the decision for the Royal Family to pay taxes in the early 1990s but created a contract that required that money transfer straight from one sovereign to another wouldn’t be subject to the 40% inheritance tax.

“And that, obviously, has massive potential ramifications for one Prince Harry, whose brother Prince William may therefore very likely inherit everything from Charles,” the commentator continues.

“This inheritance issue merely widens the already canyon-sized wealth disparity that currently exists between William and Harry.”

She asserts that the irony of the circumstance is that Harry, having “fled the palace coop,” is “far more in need” of money.

Ms. Elser, though, adds that Harry might gain from a settlement akin to the one Queen Elizabeth II gave Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward when she was still living.

As the Duchess prepares to restart the blog “The Tig,” Meghan Markle claims that “no one wants her counsel.”
The Tig, the lifestyle site owned by the Duchess of Sussex, is expected to resume after being suspended in 2017 after Meghan became engaged to Prince Harry.

After being inactive for five years, Meghan Markle has received official preliminary approval to relaunch her previous website.

Nobody wants Meghan’s advise, according to a lifestyle columnist who criticised the choice.

According to insiders, Meghan’s recently relaunched The Tig may compete with Gwyneth Paltrow’s £200 million wellness and lifestyle company Goop.

Dan Wootton says that Harry and Meghan are a “embarrassment to themselves” because of the recent storm
The couple received criticism from GB News host Dan Wootton for their “attention-seeking” actions.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been criticised for becoming a “embarrassment to themselves” after upgrading their children’s royal titles to Prince and Princess.

Dan Wootton, host of GB News on Sky News Australia, criticised the pair for their “attention-seeking” actions.

Harry and Meghan revealed last week that their daughter, Princess Lilibet Diana, who turns two in June, had been christened by the Rev. John Taylor, Archbishop of Los Angeles, in a private ceremony.

The California-based pair had now “gone from ridiculous to pitiful,” Mr. Wootton responded.

“Do you think it’s time we just start feeling sorry for this embarrassing pair,’ he said Sky News Australia, who over the past week have torn away their final shred of dignity.

Doctors comment on Prince Harry’s diagnosis of ADHD and say that rejection from loved ones “is exacerbated.”
After Prince Harry’s on-screen diagnosis of ADHD, a medical expert has stated that those with the illness experience loved ones’ rejection more intensely.

According to therapist Michael Uram, persons in the public glare frequently have their negative symptoms “magnified,” which can result in shaky relationships and low self-esteem.

He stated: “Celebrities frequently have to display vulnerability, which accentuates the Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) component of ADHD.

“Relationships are very important to people with RSD, so when family members or a respected friend criticise one of your loved ones or you, it hurts, the rejection’s sting is amplified in severity.

Prince Harry’s connection with the rest of the Royal Family is beyond repair because he “doesn’t grasp the harm” he has done, a royal expert claims, and he “doesn’t realise the damage” he has done.

Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the Battle Between the Windsors author Tom Bower said that he didn’t think it would be a good idea for Harry and Meghan Markle to attend King Charles’s Coronation in May because their presence might “overshadow” the event.

Harry, according to Mr. Bower, will not be able to make amends with Charles and Prince William because he is more focused on “monetizing his life” than on reconciling with his father and brother.

It’s too late for a reconciliation, he declared. There is just no way back. Harry is a fairly stupid, dumb man who clearly adores his life in California and is so narrow-minded he doesn’t even realise the harm he’s caused.


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