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King Charles Isolated From Camilla, Queen Consort, Over Bombshell Decision About Prince Harry

Every other week, Prince Harry creates a fresh controversy or crisis for the British royal family.

In response to the many accusations made in the Netflix series, his best-selling book, Spare, and at the High Court in London, none of Prince Harry’s family have yet made a public statement.

According to sources close to Prince William, he is enraged by Prince Harry’s determination to reveal the whole family’s dirty linen.

Kate Middleton is upset and angry at how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have damaged her flawlessly manicured image, according to royal sources.

As for Camilla, Queen Consort, she went out of her way to set up interviews with both her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles and son Tom Parker Bowles.

They defended her against Prince Harry’s accusations that she is disgusting and a perilous lady who put the royal family at risk in an effort to become a popular figure with the people and the media.

Additionally, Prince Harry criticized Queen Camilla for being the third spouse in his parents’ union.

Prince Harry’s remarks were tried to be wiped clean by Tom Parker Bowles, who said: “I don’t care what anybody thinks. There was no goal or objective here. This is what occurred when she married the guy she loved. Friends of King Charles III claim that he is not as outraged, however.

King Charles, who has seen his fair share of controversies in the past, is more tolerant of his son while being disappointed with Prince Harry’s behavior and comments.

According to a friend of King Charles, “his default position will always be to try and keep the door open to his younger son, even though he believes his actions to be misguided,” according to The Daily Beast. Charles, who likes Harry and has endured a great deal himself, does feel a great deal of compassion for Harry.

King Charles’ astonishing choice to neither reprimand nor respond to Prince Harry has further distanced him from both Prince William and Queen Camilla.

However, according to The Daily Beast, Charles “appears to be increasingly isolated from other members of his family in his refusal to chastise Harry.”

The Duke of Sussex stated in court filings that Prince William got a “very large” phone hacking settlement from News Group Newspapers (NGN), setting off the heir to the throne’s reportedly raging fury.

While Charles appears determined to ignore Harry’s provocations, the media outlet continued, “William appears to have had enough, and the astonishingly inflammatory paragraph in Harry’s witness statement looks like it could be the final straw.” The Royal Family has many issues to deal with.


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