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Lawsuit Seeks Prince Harry’s US Visa Records After Drug Use Revelations

A lawsuit has been filed requesting the disclosure of Prince Harry’s US visa records following the Duke of Sussex’s admission of drug use in his explosive memoir, Spare.

The Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based think tank, filed the lawsuit against the US Department of Homeland Security, prompting further examination of the royal’s visa.

Typically, an admission of drug use on a US visa application is grounds for inadmissibility. Prince Harry has previously acknowledged using cocaine, mushrooms, and other drugs. This development comes after he left the UK to establish a life in California with his American wife, Meghan Markle.

The recent court filing states: “Widespread and continuous media coverage has surfaced the question of whether DHS properly admitted the Duke of Sussex in light of the fact that he has publicly admitted to the essential elements of a number of drug offences in both the United States and abroad. United States law generally renders such a person inadmissible for entry to the United States.”

The filing continues to question whether the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may have inappropriately granted Prince Harry a waiver to enter the country on a non-immigrant visa due to his history of admitting to drug offenses.

It also raises the question of whether the DHS should reconsider its decision to admit Prince Harry into the US in light of his most recent drug use revelations, both domestically and internationally, as detailed in his 2023 memoir, Spare.


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