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Rumor Says Leonardo DiCaprio Supposedly Got Caught Flirting With Model At Club

Is Leonardo Dicaprio Looking for your next girlfriend? A newspaper claims that exorcism The actor was under questioning in New York City last month. Here’s the latest gossip about DiCaprio’s infamous Playboy ways.

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘caught’ flirting?

This week, Ni idea Leonardo DiCaprio is getting closer to supermodel Gigi Hadid. Apparently, the pair were spotted “partying together” last month at the launch of an exclusive club in New York City. And even though DiCaprio is still believed to be dating Camila Morrone, sources say he couldn’t help turning on Hadid’s attraction.

“They’ve known each other for years,” explains an insider. “Of course, they were catching up and he was flirting… That’s Leo! He was definitely obsessed with Gigi.” And on a final note, the article reminds readers that this isn’t the first time DiCaprio was caught partying with Hadid. Back in 2019, DiCaprio was seen on a wild night out with Hadid, her sister Bella and model Kendall Jenner.

DiCaprio ‘Getting Cozy’ With Gigi Hadid?

This report is quite misleading. While it’s true that Hadid and DiCaprio were seen on the same event, we have no reason to believe that the actor was acting inappropriately. First of all, this event was very special. We’re sure no celebrities and socialites in attendance are giving any details about the night to this random tabloid.

Besides, what’s so new about a friendly conversation? It’s clear that DiCaprio and Hadid have known each other since they were actually spotted partying together in 2019, so we’d expect the actors to say hello when they crossed paths with the model.

And just days later, DiCaprio was seen back with Camila Morrone to celebrate the Fourth of July. The magazine was fairly transparent in its attempts to implicate DiCaprio in some lousy behavior, but there is no evidence to support its story.

Tabloids on Leonardo DiCaprio

Since DiCaprio has never publicly dated anyone over the age of 25, he is an easy target for these types of stories. For example, back in October Women’s Day claimed DiCaprio threw Morrone and was “back on the hunt”.

Then lifestyle Reportedly, DiCaprio was distancing herself from Morrone as she was getting too old. And back in 2018, Ni idea The alleged DiCaprio was trying to steal Margot Robbie from her husband. Obviously, a set of tabloids are narrative when it comes to DiCaprio, and stories about him rarely deviate from these Playboy themes.


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