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The Refreshing Reason Why Mariah Carey Is Allegedly Filing For Full Custody Of Her Children Shared With Nick Cannon

Over the past few years, Nick Cannon has welcomed a dozen children into the world. With so many kids to care for and a busy schedule to boot, Cannon certainly has his hands full. Turns out, his hectic schedule may be the reason Mariah Carey is allegedly filing for full custody of the two children she shares with Cannon.

Although Cannon is now the father of 12 children, the first two kids he had were with the award-winning singer. Even though the Wild ’N Out host and Carey divorced in 2014, the two appear to have a healthy co-parenting relationship. Cannon even posted an Instagram reel of a water park takeover he did with their 11-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan Cannon.

However, the recent birth of Cannon’s twelfth child is prompting Carey to sing a different tune. After all, the “Fantasy” singer probably never imagined that the father of her children would be called dad by 10 other kids. That may be why she’s supposedly seeking full custody of their twins.

According to sources close to the situation, Cannon is a “doting” father but just doesn’t spend much time with the twins. Although Cannon is certainly a hard-working family man, his intense schedule and obligations leave little time for him to spend with his children.

“The reality of the situation is that Monroe and Moroccan are usually with Mariah anyway,” the source said. “Nick doesn’t see much of them.”

By filing for full custody, Carey hopes to send a message to Cannon that he…


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