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EXCLUSIVE: Matilda Ledger reunites with Heath’s family in Australia!

The sole child of Heath Ledger has grown up and is prepared to travel, proving how quickly time passes.

In January 2008, Matilda, who will turn 18 in October, was just two years old when her father overdosed on drugs accidentally. Michelle Williams, his abandoned ex-fiancée, was left to care for his cloned offspring by herself.

Now, New Idea learns that Matilda is preparing a covert journey to Australia in order to see Perth, the city where her late father grew up, and take in its sunny skies and sand beaches.

In a few months, Matilda will graduate from high school, according to a source. She is eager to travel to Australia for a year on vacation. Before she begins the serious business of attending university in America, she wants to get to meet and spend time with Heath’s family.

Heath’s parents Kim Ledger and Sally Bell frequently travelled to New York, where Matilda resides with Michelle, 42, her new stepfather Thomas Kail, and two younger half-siblings, before the epidemic.

The source continues, “but since since, it’s been harder for Kim and Sally to go across the other side of the planet.” Of course, now that Matilda is old enough, they would be overjoyed to pieces if she visited them for a while.

Matilda, who is now an adult, allegedly plans to travel to Australia to see Heath’s parents.

In an earlier interview, Heath’s adoring grandfather Kim extolled the virtues of Heath’s young daughter, remarking that “She has an amazing amount of his mannerisms. She has his enthusiasm and is really inquisitive; it’s really wonderful.

Michelle reportedly has doubts about Matilda’s plans to travel the 18,700 miles between New York City and the most remote state capital in Australia.

Any mother would be concerned because it is “simply so far away from all Matilda has ever known, even if she doesn’t want to stand in the way of Matilda getting to know her roots,” according to the source.

Michelle also regrets not going to college because she dropped out of high school. Since Matilda was a baby, she had put her hopes on her going Harvard, Columbia, or NYU.

Michelle might not have a choice once Matilda reaches legal drinking age, our insider warns. Although Matilda is aware of her mother’s worries, she has a strong desire to comprehend the other side of her lineage.


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