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Megan Fox Takes New Drastic Decision Amid Breakup Drama With Machine Gun Kelly

Power couple Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have taken their fans and social media followers on an incredible rollercoaster ride over the last 24 hours.

The rock star’s electrifying performance at a pre-Super Bowl gathering, where he revealed that he had been electrocuted, was the catalyst for everything to begin.

The starlet startled her Instagram followers hours after the concert by deleting all images of her fiancé that suggested there were major issues in paradise.

When Megan Fox shared some intense Beyoncé lyrics about a partner being unfaithful, it seemed as though she was confirming that the scandalous and public romance was gone.

You can taste the dishonesty, Fox said, “because it’s all over your breath.” The song’s first line, “Hope You Catch Me,” by Beyoncé, is the source of the lyrics. ”

Megan Fox followed three users on Instagram, one of whom was his adversary, inflicting pain on the artist. Fox came behind Timothée Chalamet, Harry Styles, and Eminem.

Long-running and acrimonious dispute between Machine Gun and Eminem. Fox also shared a video of herself burning confidential documents and taking off her engagement ring.

The couple “had a dispute over the weekend, and she is very upset and won’t speak to Machine Gun Kelly right now,” a source told PEOPLE at the time. The engagement hasn’t been formally broken off, but Megan removed her ring.

Although they have already experienced problems, this time seems very bad.

Fox appeared to be crying as she once more pretended to throw away her engagement ring. The couple made the decision to leave the building apart.

Despite all the conflict, Fox and the artist did spend Valentine’s Day together, according to sources.

Fans are perplexed by Megan Fox’s sudden choice to erase her Instagram account.

Nobody actually understands the state of the relationship at this stage.

There were whispers that Machine Gun Kelly had been unfaithful. Machine Gun Kelly may have cheated on his guitarist Sophie Lloyd, according to a supporter.

“He probably got with Sophie,” the ally wrote. “Maybe I got with Sophie,” Fox retorted.

A gifted British guitarist named Sophie Lloyd joined MGK’s band for his Mainstream Sellout Tour in 2022, and this week, they both performed together at the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl party in Arizona.

The rumour has been denounced by Lloyd as insulting. Days after their public breakup, MGK and the Jennifer’s Body star were seen leaving a difficult couple’s therapy session.


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