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Meghan Markle opens up about spending time with Harry, Archie and Lili: ‘We’ll never get this time back’

The Duchess of Sussex has opened up about her life away from the spotlight in a recent interview with Variety magazine.

In the revealing piece, Meghan spoke candidly about how she manages to juggle working from home with her husband, Prince Harry. “We share an office. We work from home, as most people started to do during the lockdown.

“It allows us to have significant time with our kids at this really special moment in their lives. We’ll never get this time back,” the actress revealed.

Touching on their hectic schedules, the mum-of-two added: “I make breakfast, and we get the kids set for the day. We do a lot of joint calls and Zooms, but also try to divide what we can focus our energies on so we can accomplish even more.”

The 41-year-old later discussed her relationship with Prince Harry, explaining how he’s “in a 24-hour time zone.”

She added: “It’s kind of the reverse of what I went through living in the U.K. He’s very good at responding on text. Me, I try to be as fast as possible by email. I’ve always said, if it takes less than five minutes, do it now.”

Despite having stepped down as senior royals in 2020, the couple currently has their hands full with a variety of projects and charity engagements. Reflecting on how the couple manage to stay alert, the Duchess revealed: “We’re commuters. We drove down recently for a day of back-to-back meetings equipped with chocolate chip cookies the size of my toddler’s head.

Also, my husband’s favorite is In-N-Out. There’s one at the halfway point between L.A. and our neck of the woods. It’s really fun to go through the drive-thru and surprise them. They know our order“. 

Meghan’s candid confession comes after she reminisced about her time on Deal or No Deal in a recent interview with Paris Hilton.

There was a “very cookie cutter idea” of what the briefcase girls should look like and that it was “solely about beauty and not necessarily about brains,” Meghan confessed.

Touching on the programme’s toxic beauty standards, the 41-year-old explained how she was given spray tan vouchers each week and was once told to “suck it in,” by a lady who ran the show.

Meghan added: “I ended up quitting the show. Like I said, I was thankful for the job but not for how it made me feel, which was not smart”. 


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