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Meghan Markle accused of using ‘controlling gestures’ with Prince Harry

Experts recently spoke out regarding Meghan Markle’s allegedly controlling actions during a past Commonwealth Day ceremony.

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas brought this claim forward on his personal YouTube channel.

There, he studied Meghan’s gestures and body language cues from clips taken during the 2019 Commonwealth Day ceremony.

He highlighted some of Meghan’s allegedly ‘controlling’ gestures during the engagement and curated them in a video titled Meghan’s controlling gesture exposed in rare video.

The video quotes him saying, “She is looking directly at Harry, and that is relevant, because usually, when you are going to interrupt someone that is talking, you should excuse yourself.”

“You say a simple ‘excuse me’, and establish eye contact with the other people. Meghan reaches out with her hand, touches him in the middle of his back and says a few words.”

At that moment, “Harry turns around in mid-sentence, establishes eye contact with her, and immediately stares into the void.”

While “You might say that this is just a silly face from Harry, trying to excuse himself from having to leave.”

“There’s a very good chance that Meghan interrupted Harry because she just wanted to go. It’s perfectly understandable, she being pregnant and having to attend the service for such a long time. It would not have been comfortable for her at all.”

“And when a behaviour pattern repeats over time, you realise that it’s part of the person’s behaviour.”


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