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Meghan and Harry warned ‘history won’t be kind’ after ‘their egos took over’

Meghan and Harry shocked royal fans in 2020 when they decided to step back as senior royals.

But did they handle their exit the right way?

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede spoke exclusively to Entertainment Daily and he warned that history won’t be kind to the pair following their dramatic exit

History won’t be kind to Harry and Meghan

Nick claimed that Harry and Meghan didn’t think far enough ahead before their exit from the royal family.

The couple left everyone gobsmacked when they decided step down from their royal roles and flee to Canada.

But of course the pair didn’t leave without going out with a bang.

Not long after they left, the couple sat down with Oprah Winfrey in a bombshell interview to discuss their experiences as working royals and why they decided to leave.

So did the pair do wrong in handling their exit?

Nick warned that “the history books won’t be kind” to Meghan and Harry in the future.

Nick said: “The trouble with Harry and Meghan is that they didn’t think far enough ahead of the consequences of their dramatic exit from the royal family.”

He added: “History is something that is taught in schools and studied by many people and the history books won’t be kind to Harry and Meghan which I think they didn’t realise.”

Nick then went on to state that their own “egos” ruined what could have been a well-respected exit.

“They wanted their legacy to be about change and changing the establishment.

“But their own sense of worth and egos took over what should and could have been a well-orchestrated exit that was acceptable for both parties.

“It could have meant that the history books would have respected their wishes and reasoning for doing so.”


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