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Tabloid Says Meghan Markle Apparently Furious With Prince Harry Over Supposed ‘Inappropriate’ Texts

it is megan markle worried that prince harry want to get lost? A tabloid claims that the Duchess has been keeping an eye on her husband’s text messages. Let’s take a closer look at the rumor.

Does Meghan Markle harbor ‘cheating fears’?

this week, play reports that Meghan Markle is terrified for the future of her marriage after Prince Harry was seen in a tight hug with one of his close friends. “They were hung one above the other,” says a witness. “Everyone was talking about it.” The mystery woman turned out to be Delfina Blaquier, the wife of Harry’s polo partner Nacho Figueras.

“It wasn’t the smartest move on Harry’s part,” notes the insider. “It has raised old trust issues, but above all, Meghan is afraid of what a cheating scandal would look like.” And since Blaquier took to Instagram just a couple of weeks ago to pay tribute to his friendship with MarkleSources are concerned that this could turn into an all-out scandal.

“There are a lot of public figures who do not allow themselves to be photographed touching someone of the opposite sex, to avoid such suspicion,” adds another source. “Having spent his entire life in the spotlight, Harry should know better.” But sources say this isn’t Markle’s only concern. Apparently, she found all kinds of “inappropriate” text messages between Harry and other women.

“Apparently it was just random messages saying things like ‘See you later x,’ but they had a massive fight about it,” the source confesses. “With all the private phone calls that have been leaked about the royals over the years, Harry has to understand how his words can be misconstrued.”

Did Prince Harry ‘betray’ Meghan Markle?

This report makes no sense at all. First of all, Prince Harry and Delfina Blaquier have been friends for many years. She is the wife of one of her closest friends, and he has known her for longer than her own wife. Blaquier and Figueras even attended the royal wedding of Markle and Harry.

And not that the content of the photos is worth repeating, but we’ll just say this: Harry and Blaquier were locked in a sideways hug, an almost universal gesture of friendship, not romance.

They were also chatting with an unidentified woman at the time, so it was far from a private moment. And finally, we hate to state the obvious, but Blaquier’s husband was probably just around the corner when this photo was taken.

But all that aside, there is another point that makes this story even less believable in our book. If Meghan Markle’s main concern was that all this information would leak to the press and make her look bad, how are we supposed to believe that the magazine knows?

The post even takes a monumental leap in logic by stating that Markle’s main fear after finding the alleged “inappropriate” texts in Harry’s was that they would somehow be leaked.

So if Markle was the only soul who knew about these alleged texts and her greatest fear in the world was someone else finding out about them, why would she sabotage herself by sharing them? The answer is that she wouldn’t. This whole story was designed to make both Harry and Markle look bad, so we’re absolutely certain it wasn’t based on any genuine information.

More attacks on Meghan Markle from the tabloid

This is far from the first time play has defamed Meghan Markle. The outlet once published a bizarre report claiming Mark was obsessed with Prince William before he met Harry. Then the magazine claimed Mark was writing a memoir to tear the royal family apart..

And more recently, the alleged publication Harry begged his wife to stop spending money on his $3 million wardrobe. We have learned to take playis reporting on Markle not just with a grain of salt but with a hefty spoonful.


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