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Meghan Markle Could Be Punished For Her Latest Attention-Grabbing Gesture Towards King Charles And Camilla, Queen Consort

After carefully weighing her options, Meghan Markle took the somewhat surprising decision not to attend King Charles III‘s coronation ceremony.

It was always believed that King Charles picked Archie‘s birthday, May 6th, for his crowning as a way to give his daughter-in-law a classy and reasonable way out, and she took it.

Sources close to the former actress explained that she has decided that Prince Harry should travel to London alone because she wanted to make an unselfish gesture towards King Charles.

It is claimed that Markle wanted to discreetly let His Majesty know that she is done with the PR drama and transatlantic war of words.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun: “Meghan doesn’t want any more rifts with other members of the royal family.”

The insider stated: “She wants her children to know their grandfather, Charles, particularly when they are not going to know their other grandfather [Thomas Markle, who Meghan has been long estranged from]. She does hope they will meet and hopes her decision will be seen as an unselfish one, as it was best to keep the attention on His Majesty.”

However, according to one royal expert, King Charles might not view Markle’s headline-grabbing decision as selfless.

Au contraire, His Majesty could be furious at the snub and take action to punish Markle. The writer opined in news.com.au. that King Charles could opt to hit Prince Harry and Markle by stripping them of their prestigious titles.

The person familiar with the situation added that Markle even strives to reconnect with King Charles. She is also eager to build a bridge for Archie and Lilibet to better know their grandfather.

She revealed: “Their decision for Meghan not to go could have serious repercussions, not least when it comes to their Sussex titles. In making the choice to not go and to not show her support for her father-in-law, to not be there for one of the biggest moments for the monarchy in the better part of a century, she is making her position in regards to the institution pretty damn obvious.”

Daniela Elser wrote that many in the family, including King Charles, might assume that Markle has decided to cut ties with the royals.

She explained: “Meghan seems to be taking an abundantly crystal clear stance on what sort of relationship she wants to have with her husband’s family, i.e., pretty much none.”

The Sussexes cannot win with the royals regardless of what they do.

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