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Meghan Markle Didn’t Want Prince Harry Near Her, Royal Expert Claims After Duchess Rejected Public Kiss

Prince Harry’s biographer shared her thoughts after Meghan Markle rejected his kiss in public.

British journalist and royal author Angela Levin joined Dan Wootton on “GB News” and discussed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s sighting at an NBA match on Monday.

Prince Harry and Markle were spotted watching the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles. At one point, the kiss cam panned on them, and Prince Harry appeared game to participate, but his wife just turned her face away and gave him a playful laugh.

Wootton said in the past, Markle had always wanted a public display of affection. However, her reaction during the basketball game was similar to Princess Diana’s gesture toward Prince Charles at the polo in 1992. Wootton asked if what Markle did was anything purposeful.

“No, I think she didn’t want him to kiss her,” Levin responded. “I think those days are possibly far less of an interest for her. But she did a huge laugh, you can see this laugh, she opens her mouth wide, and she leans over, [as] if her whole body’s laughing.

But you know, somebody like me thinks that it’s all phony, and she’s doing that laughter to sort of tease him. But really, she didn’t want him near her.”

Levin pointed out Markle’s absence when Prince Harry did his media tour to promote his memoir “Spare.” He did a lot of interviews and guesting earlier this year before and after the release of his book, and Markle was nowhere in sight.

“How could she disappear when he was talking about ‘Spare’? [It’s] very difficult for him, you know to talk to all the people who wanted to be interviewed,” Levin said. “I don’t feel sympathetic, but I think that’s a very awkward thing for somebody to do.

She should have been there with him. She should have helped him. She wasn’t. So now, she just comes back freshened, she’s changed the color of her hair, she looks a bit like an Egyptian queen, you know, these rigid things, no expression on her face, goodness knows what’s happened, and she’s laughing. She’s roaring.”

Twitter users have mixed opinions about Prince Harry and Markle’s kiss cam moment. Some echoed Levin’s opinions, while others found the royal couple sweet.

“She was like, ‘Stick to the script, Harry! No kiss cam, you know very well your bank account is dry and can’t pay for my needs,'” one commenter speculated. Another wrote, “Absolutely she rejected him [on] national television.”

“We love you both so so much. This is peace, love and happiness,” one fan wrote, while another said the pair looked “so in love.”

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