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Meghan Displayed Rude Behavior at Event With Harry When She Appeared to Snub Woman , Body Language Expert Says

Did Meghan Markle snub a woman at a women’s empowerment event? A body language expert analyzed Meghan’s behavior when greeting people at the 2018 reception and she appeared to snub one woman and make herself the center of attention.

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas analyzed Meghan’s body language at a women’s empowerment event, pointing to the ways she seemed threatened by another woman and barely acknowledged her.

He noted at the top of the video, “Meghan has claimed over and over again that she’s a feminist and she stands for women’s rights. But interactions like this one, not reaching out to this woman, cast serious doubts over that statement.”

Rosas shared that Meghan didn’t display proper etiquette. A circle of people formed and she broke into the center of it to interact with two men in attendance. The expert noted, in this type of social interaction, it’s recommended to shake hands and greet a person, then step back to your original position to complete the circle again.

“You’re making yourself the literal center of attention especially because you’re effectively breaking the interaction circle,” Rosas shared. By comparison, Prince Harry stepped inside the circle to shake hands but then returned to his starting point.

Rosas also pointed out how Meghan interacted with one man, specifically. She gave him a genuine smile, but only turned slightly to acknowledge the woman with a nod. She also didn’t extend her hand for a handshake to the woman.

Rosas gave Meghan some benefit of the doubt, explaining that it’s hard to determine the full story from the short clip. Perhaps Meghan had previously met the woman and didn’t need to shake her hand again.

“The first man, she leans in, she looks straight into his face, and she does a rather genuine smile,” Rosas explained.

By comparison, her chest direction when acknowledging the woman has turned away, though her head turns toward the woman. “Meghan acknowledges the woman, but just with her head,” the expert said. “She doesn’t extend her hand or turn her body in [the woman’s] direction.”

Even if Meghan had met the woman before, Rosas said it’s interesting to watch the way the Duchess of Sussex moves her chin, which indicates she feels “threatened” by the woman.

“Meghan is stiff,” he said. When she greets the men in the group, however, she “relaxes her neck.”

Rosas shared, “This is important because, when she nods to the woman, she almost covers her own neck completely with her chin. That’s the posture you assume when you are threatened.”

He found the action very revealing. “There is a very good reason why Meghan did not extend her hand to this woman,” Rosas said. “Then, why did Meghan feel threatened by her? And she cannot escape the fact that she was projecting that.”

Rosas said this behavior is “ironic” because Meghan is attending a women’s empowerment event and “calls herself a feminist all the time. “But then, we got 10 seconds of Meghan not extending her hand to this woman, even showing signs of being threatened by her — and at the same time, staying in the center of the circle to talk.”


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