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Meghan Markle ‘never would’ve’ gotten popular without marrying Prince Harry

Experts slam Meghan Markle over her ‘lack of marketability’ since she ‘never could have gotten popular’ without Prince Harry.

This claim has been made by US commentator Lee Cohen in an interview with Express UK.

There he claimed, “They’ve earned my scorn because they’ve treated Harry’s family very poorly in all of this. I don’t feel that it’s at all productive for them to be criticising the Royal Family.”

“They got what they wanted. They stepped back, they have the notoriety already. They certainly never would have obtained the level of publicity that she currently has if she hadn’t married into this family.”

Even royal expert Neil Sean addressed the couple’s ‘progress’ since moving to the US on his personal YouTube page.

There he admitted, “Let me give you a bit of advice Harry and Meghan, it’s not as simple or as easy you possibly think.”

“You have to think of content and then more importantly you have to produce it, write it and maybe hopefully get an audience on top of all that.”

“So it’s not as easy as they possibly thought but when you become a major celebrity like Harry and Meghan are now, the bigger problem is you have a golden period.”

“Everybody wants to sign you, you get invited to things like the Oscar. You get offered all of these mega deals as we saw the books deal along with is worth a lot of money even though he’s going to have to deliver some rather tawdry asides to make sure that people feel they’ve got their value for money.”

Before concluding Mr Sean added, “If it’s a spectacular success, they are guaranteed even more money but as ever in the fickle world of Hollywood they’re now living in, if it doesn’t resonate with the audience then they can expect a sharp decline in those mega offers and mega deals.”


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