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Meghan Markle Breaks Away From Prince Harry After He Brutally Attacked King Charles In His Book

It has been a one-person show since Prince Harry released his record-breaking and tea-spilling royal memoir Spare.

Many royal observers have been wondering where Meghan Markle is. Prince Harry was interviewed by serious journalists like Anderson Cooper and Tom Bradby.

The Duke of Sussex has also sat down with comedian Stephen Colbert to discuss his personal life and mock the monarchy.

Markle, a phenomenal orator who hugs the spotlight, shuns away this time around, letting Prince Harry savor his moment. Two weeks after the publication of the book, Markle is finding ways to let people know what she thinks about the book.

Her remarks are surprising because she quietly breaks away from her husband’s brutal way of attacking the royals. She revealed that her husband might have gone too far in the manner he delivered some of the revelations.

Markle also asked the media not to put the blame on her because she would have handled the delicate situation of airing the royals’ dirty laundry differently.

The mother of two has a way of sparing her own relatives when she is talking publicly, and maybe she wishes her husband had done the same for the royals.

Prince Harry used the book to slam King Charles III for failing him time and time again as a parent.

The former soldier obliterated Prince William‘s well-polished reputation by revealing his anger issues and exposing his violent outbursts.

Prince Harry caused the most damage to Camilla, Queen Consort, who he claimed was a real-life villain and a dangerous woman who turned his world upside down on her way to becoming one of England’s most high-profile figures.

Kate Middleton‘s well-crafted image of the perfect mother, wife, and peacemaker also took a beatdown. Prince Harry painted her as a cold and jealous woman competing with Markle from the very start.

The former actress let her friends reveal her unexpected thoughts in the tell-all book via The Telegraph.

The source said: “Is this the way she would have approached things? Possibly not. But she will always back him and would never have got involved in promoting such a personal project. This was about his own life, his journey, and his own perspective.”

Markle’s pal said that she chose to stay away because “she would have been accused of trying to steal the limelight – but also media-savvy Meghan may have raised gentle concerns about whether the book was the right move.”

Sources have it that Markle’s turn in the sunlight is near because she could be writing a memoir at some point in the future.

There is a real appetite for whatever Prince Harry and Markle are selling at the moment — which is why it is believed that Netflix is begging them to have season 2 of their hit docuseries Harry & Meghan.

A source told The Sun: “They scored great viewing figures and want a second bite of the pie. The gloves are off now for Harry, and Netflix feels they are in prime position for a second project.”

Prince Harry is likely to publish a second book after Spare.


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