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Supposed ‘Royal Expert’ Says Meghan Markle Has Prince Harry ‘Under Her Thumb,’ Per Report

Is Prince Harry blindly following Meghan Markle‘s orders? One tabloid claims there’s been a power shift in the Sussexes’ marriage. Here’s the latest gossip about the duke and duchess.

‘Shocking Photos’ Reveal Markle’s Control?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Prince Harry has finally succumbed to Meghan Markle’s wishes. A body language expert reveals that Harry has lost all of the power in his marriage, and now Markle is in control. “The tide has changed,” the specialist notes.

“Meghan seems to have taken a much more vulnerable Harry back to the U.S. with her. She seems to be more in the role of rescuer and protector with him.” The expert notes the way Markle placed her hand over Harry’s during their now-infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“That’s a maternal-looking gesture, used for reassurance and letting him feed off her confidence.” But a second source—an alleged “royal expert”—insists Harry is in denial about his marriage. “He is so under Meghan’s thumb,” the source charges. “Meghan had what she wanted—the upper hand. She carefully crafted this victim narrative where Harry can feel like the hero who saved her, but that’s over now. Meghan’s in charge and in control.”

Prince Harry Being Controlled By His ‘Diva Wife’?

We’re struggling to take this report seriously for a couple of reasons. First of all, body language analysis is no science. Not to mention, this “expert” is analyzing a couple of screencaps from an interview that happened over a year ago. Even if we trusted the expertise of this source—which we have no reason to do—it’s impossible to glean relevant insights about the couple from such limited data.

But setting this pseudoscience aside, what does any of this matter? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a married couple; they’re not adversaries constantly trying to get the upper hand on one another. What does it matter if Markle comforted her husband during an emotional moment? It’s clear that the tabloid is completely relying on antiquated notions of marriage and masculinity to sell this story.

Where Have We Heard This Before?

This is just the latest installment in a long-running smear campaign against Meghan Markle. Ever since Markle came on the royal radar, the National Enquirer has tried to paint her as a scheming seductress intent on destroying the royal family. Just a couple of months ago, the outlet claimed Markle was using “emotional blackmail” to manipulate both Harry and the royals.

Then, last summer, the magazine reported Markle was micromanaging Harry’s expenses. And before that, the publication outright accused Markle of being a jewel thief. Clearly, the Enquirer has a glaring bias against Markle, so it’s impossible to take the tabloid’s word on the Duchess of Sussex.


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