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Meghan Markle Accepts Help From Two Of Prince Harry’s Famous Ex-Girlfriends In Her Efforts To Rattle King Charles

To the question of how far Meghan Markle will go to defend her husband, Prince Harry, and cause irreparable damage to the British monarchy?

The answer is that she will accept his past girlfriends’ willing and unwilling help. The past two weeks have been dominated by all things Prince Harry, Markle, and the Royal Family.

The renegade royals have released two trailers for the upcoming bombshell series Harry & Meghan that will air on Netflix.

The promotional videos promised a bloody takedown of the institution and all it stands for.

Prince Harry and his wife used all weapons necessary to ensure that their revolt against the British royal family is successful.

Prince Harry went as far as dragging one of his former love interests into the drama with King Charles IIIPrince William, and the other British royals.

The teaser opened with Markle crying over Prince Harry’s safety. It continued with multiple photos and short videos of Prince Harry being hounded by the British media during public outings.

At some point, a young Prince Harry, who is being followed by photographers and journalists, is visibly upset and attempts to shield his face from the flashes of cameras.

The original footage was taken at Heathrow Airport in 2007. Prince Harry came to pick up Davy after a long flight from South Africa. Davy and Prince Harry dated on and off between 2004 and 2011.

It has been confirmed that Prince Harry reached out to many of his close friends and former girlfriends to take part in his various projects, including the docuseries and his upcoming book Spare.

Many said no, and it seems that a handful has decided to back his claims about the archaic monarchy. It is not yet known if Davy will speak about her complex romance with Prince Harry.

Davy is married to hotelier Sam Cutmore-Scott, and they recently welcomed a baby boy.

It is claimed that Prince Harry and Davy have a friendly relationship — she even attended his and Markle’s royal wedding.

Another woman, who dated Prince Harry, has publicly stepped out to support his confessions that he was hurt by the Royal Family and was always seeking a way out.

The former reality TV star and businesswoman Catherine Ommanney, who dated Prince Harry in 2006, is speaking out after seeing the teaser for the Netflix series.

Ommanney, 50, who was a cast member of Real Housewives of D.C, said that Prince Harry always wanted to leave England and she is proud of Markle for getting the job done.

She told OK! magazine: “I am so proud that Harry had the courage to move to the States, and I think he really needed to do that – to finally be free.”

Ommanney added: “I have nothing but respect for Meghan, and the fact that Harry is with her shows that he does have more than one type after all – he is clearly not only interested in blondes.”

The Duke of Sussex is ready to put it all out.


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