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Meghan Markle Allegedly Feels Excluded, Wants To Be Welcomed At King Charles’ Coronation: Royal Expert

According to rumours, Meghan believed that the palace only desired Harry for King Charles’ coronation.

On GB News, “To Dye For Daily” podcast host Kinsey Schofield discussed the royal family, including Kate Middleton’s pancakes and the allegations surrounding Meghan Markle’s apparent feelings towards the King’s coronation.

Isabel Webster, the show’s host, questioned her about rumours that the Duchess of Sussex felt “excluded” from King Charles’ coronation. The author of “R is for Revenge” acknowledged hearing the rumours.

Schofield affirmed, “That’s correct. Meghan reportedly believes that the palace is merely attempting to get Harry to go and that she is not a priority. And that really upsets her.

Schofield claimed that Markle also desired to be convinced to attend the coronation. Because “they’re a unit,” she wanted the palace to demand her presence as well as that of her husband.

“She thinks that since they are a unit, the palace should want both of them to visit and should be delighted for them to do so. Nonetheless, it’s said that the palace’s true intent is to convince Harry that this is what they want “Schofield kept going. “It’s unclear if that is the case or if the Sussexes just perceive it as a slight, which appears to happen frequently when they interpret something differently than we would. But, the claims state that Meghan feels left out because, well, she wants to be welcomed too.”

Also, Schofield discussed the Sussexes’ reaction to news reports that they were suing “South Park” for their depiction in the show’s second season episode, “The Global Privacy Tour.” The portrayal of the marriage could have “legal repercussions,” according to an anonymous source with firsthand knowledge of the situation, according to NBC News royal correspondent Neil Sean in a piece that appeared on Fox News Digital.

“Really, it’s all rubbish. utterly pointless, dull reporting, “A representative for the Sussexes told People in a statement.


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