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Meghan Markle ‘desperately clinging to Prince Harry’s ‘DNA’: report

Royal experts warn of an impending crisis, considering Meghan Markle’s desperation to cling to Prince Harry’s ‘DNA that’s coded for success.’

This shocking observation has been brought to light by royal expert Eric Schiffer.

Royal expert Eric Schiffer made this shocking claim according to Express UK.

There, he claimed, “I think all of this is still a learning curve because they’re being very creative. I applaud them in that.”

“They’ve been very creative in how they’ve gone out to build this brand in ways in which there really hasn’t been a clear roadmap unless you’ve got the full power of the overall authority.”

Before concluding he also added, “He’s [Harry] got the DNA, but he’s got questionable real-time bonafide. They’re having to create this persona of a global, magnanimous, royal figure.”


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