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Meghan Markle did not attend Met Gala to avoid ‘media frenzy’: Expert

Meghan Markle is refraining from getting attention towards herself ahead of coronation.

Meghan Markle is having living a laid back life to favour King Charles.

Under a PR move, the Duchess of Sussex refrained from attending Met Gala alongside her husband Prince Harry.

PR specialist Rochelle White says: “With the King’s Coronation taking place this weekend, Prince Archie’s birthday and Harry heading back to the UK as well as security issues, I think her decision is to keep a low profile and not take away or draw attention or even unnecessary attention to herself,” Rochelle exclusively told us.

“With Met Gala being all about fashion, outfits and celebrities, if either or both attended the attention would be lost on the purpose of the event and it would cause a media frenzy. Also, with the speculation that Meghan will not be joining Harry the coverage would be more drama.

“I feel that the move was possibly strategic and planned by them and their team so nothing is overshadowed or lost,” she continued.

Meanwhile, PR Andy Barr says: “The Meghan Markle PR machine has learnt a few lessons from The Firm and is embarking on a complete media silence ahead of the King’s Coronation,” Andy told us.

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