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Meghan Markle Forcefully Lets King Charles And Prince William Know She Has Next With New Projects That Will Focus On Her Secrets

Prince Harry has been able to sell a record-breaking 3.2 million copies worldwide of his tell-all book Spare after just one week — and he did it all alone.

The British prince told and sold his complex life story without Meghan Markle‘s help. Many were baffled that Markle skipped all of Prince Harry’s televised interviews.

The former actress did not release a statement to promote her husband’s work. Markle left many baffled because she failed to even release a congratulatory message about Prince Harry’s massive success.

Why has the normally talkative Markle gone silent? A friend of the Duchess of Sussex spoke to the Daily Mail and explained that it is all part of a master plan that the power couple has put in place.

Markle is retreating to better reload with a series of fresh lucrative deals that will have King Charles IIIPrince William, and Kate Middleton shaking with fear.

The Californian-born royal does not want the public to have Sussex fatigue and has therefore removed herself from the Spare equation and let Prince Harry have the spotlight to share his painful and damaging truth with the world.

Alison Boshoff, a columnist for the Daily Mail, explained in her latest penetrating piece: “Meghan’s retreat from the public eye is, say well-placed sources, part of a carefully considered three-pronged PR approach to neutralize some critics — as well as to lay the ground for future lucrative projects.”

Markle will not stay quiet for long. King Charles and Prince William have been warned that Markle has next after Prince Harry’s impressive accomplishments. According to the royal expert, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is sitting on a mountain of secrets and revelations that will paint her family and the royals negatively.

It is believed that Markle has at least three huge projects lined up for the near future. There are loud speculations that Markle will jump on the book publishing train and release a memoir about her fascinating life. She has signed huge deals with Spotify and Netflix and has multiple projects lined up for the upcoming weeks.

The author revealed: “But will she stay silent for long? That brings us to another part of the long-term PR plan. This one indicates that her absence on the Spare tour was in part to keep her powder dry for her own memoir. What an extraordinary — and profitable — story that promises to be. Meghan also has projects in development with Spotify and Netflix — although the scale and finance of these remain moot.” The Sussexes are taking surprising turns.


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