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Meghan Markle Makes It Clear She Is Not Interested In Being Prince Harry’s Plus-One Amid Feud With King Charles

Even before the release of Prince Harry‘s controversial and best-selling book SpareMeghan Markle had been making moves on her own with the launch of her Spotify podcast. With the new year, Markle has decided to take things further. The former actress has decided to part company with Prince Harry’s way of doing business.

While Prince Harry believes the only way to earn an income is to sell King Charles IIIPrince William, and Camilla, Queen Consort‘s dirty secrets, Meghan Markle has opted to focus on building a brand and potentially an empire.

Recently, Markle did an interview with The Cut where she explained that she might return to Instagram. Many saw it as Markle relaunching her famous lifestyle brand, The Tig. A little digging revealed that Markle had already launched the process of reviving and expanding The Tig.

It has been confirmed that Markle has a “trademark filing for The Tig in the official records of the US Patent and Trademark Office,” according to Express. Markle explained in the legal documents that she has “a bona fide intention to use your mark in commerce with your goods and/or services shortly.”

She will be “providing a website featuring non-downloadable articles, interviews, photographs, and commentary in the field of food, cooking, recipes, travel, relationships, fashion, style, lifestyle, the arts, culture, design, conscious living, and health and wellness.”

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield explained on Fox News that February is the month of action for Markle, who will announce the relaunching of The Tig.

According to the To Di For podcast host, Markle is set to make a name for herself as an influencer a la Gwyneth Paltrow, as opposed to Prince Harry, who wants to remain a royal. Schofield appears certain that Markle will use Valentine’s Day to breathe new life into the company.

She explained: “I believe Meghan is planning on relaunching The Tig in February. Inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow, Meghan launched The Tig at the height of her Suits fame. I think The Tig perfectly aligns with Meghan’s ultimate objective, which seems to be being an influencer rather than a royal. The Tig trademark was filed again in February of 2022 by Meghan’s team, with whispers of a February 14, 2023, launch.”

The expert went on to say: “Valentine’s Day is a special date for Meghan as it was the day the Sussexes announced their pregnancy with their daughter Lili. It was also the day Princess Diana confirmed she was pregnant with Prince Harry.” During the interview, the royal observer said that Markle is entering a new era where she is determined to reclaim her identity instead of being Prince Harry’s plus-one.

She said: “Harry and Meghan have told us repeatedly through multiple projects that Meghan gave up everything for Harry. Perhaps this is Meghan trying to reclaim her identity, telling the world that she is more than Harry’s plus 1.”

Markle, now walking her own path, did not appear in interviews with Prince Harry as he went on a promotional tour on two continents to promote Spare.

Reports have surfaced claiming that Markle might skip King Charles’s coronation ceremony because, unlike her husband, she is no longer clinging to the Royal Family. Additionally, she does not want to be humiliated like she was at the Jubilee and Queen Elizabeth‘s funeral.

Sources told the Daily Mail: “Prince Harry could be whisked in and out of Britain for a 48-hour appearance at King Charles’s Coronation without his wife, Meghan. One working theory, dubbed ‘Harry in a hurry,’ is that Meghan will remain behind in California to celebrate Archie’s fourth birthday while Harry flies in to make a brief appearance at the event on May 6.”

Markle has accepted that she is not wanted by the royals, but Prince Harry is not at that stage yet.


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