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Meghan Markle ‘shouted’ at her private secretary, ‘She was miserable’

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry ‘acted like teenagers’ while the Duchess shouted at an aide, a bombshell book author has claimed.

Royal correspondent Valentine Low, who wrote Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, claimed former private secretary Samantha Cohen was treated “harshly” by the couple.

A highly-regarded courtier in the royal household, Samantha had worked for the Queen before moving on to Harry’s team. 

Speaking on Palace Confidential, Low claimed her working relationship with Prince Harry was of a cordial nature when she started.

But things soon turned sour with Low alleging Meghan “shouted” at the experienced aide.

The author said: “When she started, Harry knew her well and liked her and she liked Harry. Sam is an incredible problem solver, she’s a can-do personality and she just found it really difficult.

“She was asked to do things that a private secretary wouldn’t normally be asked to do and I think she was treated harshly. 

“She was shouted at by Meghan… she was said to have said that dealing with them was like dealing with a couple of teenagers.”

Low also described the “crushing” phrase that the Duchess used to one of her team in jaw-dropping allegations, before delving into what he believes really happened during the Tiaragate saga.

He said: “Problems started before the wedding about all sorts of things. The choir, the food.”

A recurrent issue was the way in which the royal household was sharing details of the event with the press. 

He continued: “The palace would put out details about the cake, the dress, whatever, to keep the media happy.”

Low revealed that alternative plans were drummed up after it was revealed the Duchess wasn’t happy with the arrangement.

The author added: “There was some poor woman presenting an alternative plan and Meghan was really unhappy with the alternative plan.”

And in a shocking turn, the Duchess allegedly told the aide: “Believe me if there was anybody else I could get to do this, I would.”

Low also revealed on the show that the Duke’s frustrations with his team came from the fact he was eager to make his mark before his “shelf life” expired.

Harry was eager to build a lasting legacy before Prince George’s 18th birthday, the author claimed.

Low recently revealed in his new book that the Duke of Sussex possessed a “long-held fear” that he would one day “become irrelevant.”

It was claimed he compared himself to Prince Andrew who is left in his 60s without any job or “direction”.

And Low also reported that Meghan handed Harry an ultimatum over their love life if he didn’t announce they were dating.

In another standout incident, “bully” Meg allegedly made a stressed-out aide burst into tears and seek comfort from Prince William.

Low’s book airs a number of claims from insiders and former aides inside his latest analysis of life behind palace walls.

And it covers the tumultuous period that led Harry and Meghan to sensationally ditch the UK and move to the United States in 2020.

The estranged royal couple was reunited with their relatives following the death of The Queen last month at age 96.

As well as joining the royals for her Majesty’s historic funeral, Harry and Meghan also accompanied Prince William and his wife Kate for a surprise walkabout in Windsor.

The royals greeted adoring crowds and shook hands of well-wishers – although it was revealed that Wills only invited the pair along just an hour earlier by text.


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