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Meghan Markle Throws Harry Under The Bus, Ignorant About UK

British royal family news divulges that Meghan Markle threw Harry under the bus today—is nothing sacred? On her latest Spotify podcast, Princess Pinocchio bragged about studying to become a UK citizen, and outed Harry as an ignoramus who couldn’t answer the “hard” questions.

Last week Megs had Paris Hilton as her guest, this week the First Lady of Canada Sophie Trudeau was among the lucky participants. The Duchess of Sussex and Sophie had a little chat about, what else, “the challenges of parenting and being a partner to two famous men.” Such hard lives.

Royal Family News – Meghan Interviewed Sophie

According to the Daily Mail, the two gigglers moaned about how they are simply “crushed” under their responsibilities as public figure moms (who have tons of paid help no doubt). Megs did some name-dropping even though the name was right in front of her, saying that, “she threw a pool party this summer for Mrs. Trudeau, in which the two ‘giggled like schoolgirls’ and drank wine on the terrace of her Montecito mansion.”

The whole shebang is known as episode eight of Sussex’s Archetypes show titled Good Wife/Bad Wife, Good Mom/Bad Mom. Where does Harry fit into the podcast? Or is he still juggling his balls in the backyard?

Along the way talked about her failed princess stint and actually thinking she would take the Life in the UK test. Meghan is a California native and it is thought that she abandoned her grand dream of dual citizenship after her Megxit meltdown in 2020.

For one thing, Meghan was required to, “live in the UK for the three years required to get spousal citizenship after marrying Harry, 38, in 2018. She arrived in Britain in November 2017 and left by December 2019.” She couldn’t hold out long enough, the fairytale ending did not go as planned.

So the Duchess of Sussex told her guest, “That citizenship exam is so hard. I was studying for it [the test] and I remember going, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I would ask my husband, ‘Did you know this? Did you know this?’ And he would say, “I had no idea.’”

Other nuggets included Meghan’s mother Doria appearing via Facetime and Meghan talking about, “how she and Harry start the day by looking after their children – from prepping Archie’s lunch box to feeding their three dogs and making breakfast for her family.”

And, in a weird turn of phrase, Meghan also said that she “bows down” to single moms. Curiouser and curiouser.


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