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Meghan Markle Will Continue To Hijack Guest’s Victimhood In Her Podcast’s Second Season: Royal Expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should change their approach to marketing themselves, according to a royal expert.

Royal correspondent Kinsey Schofield, the host of the “To Di For Daily” podcast, joined columnist Rita Panahi on “The Rita Panahi Show.” The pair discussed Prince Harry and Markle’s plummeting popularity and terrible polling score, and the host wondered what their plan was to repair their reputation and reclaim the standing they previously had.

“I do think Meghan is recording season 2 of her podcast right now, and you know, I think we’re gonna keep with the same themes, here’s where she has a guest on that talks about some sort of victimhood, and Meghan hijacks it and talks about how she has a way worse story,” the “R is for Revenge Dress” author said about “Archetypes” Season 2.

“I don’t think that they have realized that victimhood is not going to be the most lucrative route for them here in the States. People are tired of their complaining, and they feel like they’re entitled and almost you know, it’s almost like they’re completely ungrateful for the positions that they’ve been put in.”

She noted that Markle was in her 30s when her hit TV series “Suits” ended, and there weren’t any opportunities for her in the United States. Schofield said she didn’t hear any updates about her getting almost cast for a project.

“I was so disappointed that she married that prince because I couldn’t wait to get her in my soap opera. Not one person exists. So I do think they are going to struggle to rebrand,” she continued.

Despite that, she believed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex needed to rebrand themselves. She suggested various ways, including relaunching Markle’s debunked lifestyle blog The Tig, or making Prince Harry the face of a mental health campaign.

“They’ve got to change the direction of their brand because as we’ve discussed before, it’s on life support here in the United States,” Schofield said.

International Business Times could not independently verify the claims.

Various experts have also spoken about the couple’s branding recently. British socialite and royal pundit Lady Colin Campbell claimed that Markle wanted to join the coronation but was advised to skip it because it would only diminish her brand.

“She actually did want to come, but she was blocked at every turn with all of her demands,” Campbell told “GB News” about Markle.

“She was hoping to flaunt herself, and she was blocked at every turn, and she took the decision upon the advice of her advisors, her money-making advisors, that if she came, she would have to diminish her brand even further than it has already been diminished, and she and Harry are in big trouble as a brand.

They have lost supporters in the United States across the board. Most well-established people, even in the Democratic party, don’t want to have a thing to do with them.”

Meanwhile, star columnist Celia Walden said the Sussexes have different agendas. Prince Harry and Markle are reportedly “leading slightly different lives in terms of what’s their public duties at the moment.”

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