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Meghan Markle not loyal to Prince Harry?

Meghan Markle, who allegedly loves to remain in the spotlight, has seemingly taken a step back from the public eye and left her husband Prince Harry alone t to face the criticism.

Harry and his wife Meghan have received blistering criticism for their allegations and attacks against the Royal Family. And most recently, the couple were brutally mocked by the authors of satirical cartoon South Park, in which the “prince of Canada and his wife” – reminding heavily of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, asked for privacy while attracting all media hypes with their stunts.

Meghan’s silence, at the time when Harry – who blindly believes in his wife and allegedly sees things from her eyes – has sparked reactions.

Some social media users and royalists have taken advantage of the situation and seemingly began to manipulate her absence as they are accusing Meghan of betraying her husband and not supporting the Duke amid ongoing criticism, with one poked fun as saying: “The former actress left alone her royal husband to face the music”, asking ,”This is not betrayal?.

Meanwhile, some are speculating that Meghan is pregnant with her third child and taking time out to follow the instructions given by her doctors.

On the other hand, royal commentator Camilla Tominey argued Meghan may just be working behind the scenes to prepare for her next big and profitable project.


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