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Meghan Markle Bullying Investigation Result: Sussexes Reportedly Ready To Leave The Issue Behind

As the public clamors to see the result of Buckingham Palace’s investigation into Meghan Markle’s alleged staff bullying, Prince Harry’s wife reportedly feels not guilty and is ready to leave the issue behind. The Firm confirmed to carry out a private investigation into the matter but decided not to reveal the result.

There were complaints that Meghan Markle bullied some staff members, which she had vehemently denied. A senior royal, considered Queen Elizabeth II, privately funded an investigation to see how the palace staff handled the concern instead of the allegations themselves.

A source told Us Weekly, via Express, that the Sussexes are now looking forward to leaving this matter behind, calling the allegations “defamatory.” The insider added that the former “Suits” star is a “fair boss” and has never bullied anyone who worked for her at the Palace.

The Duchess of Sussex is allegedly happy that her name is cleared from the bullying claims, though the result of the investigation isn’t publicized yet. With that said, the tipster claimed that the royal couple is happily moving on with their lives in the U.S.

A senior palace source said the decision not to release the details of the investigation might have something to do with the confidentiality of the discussions. “The recommendations have been incorporated within policies and procedures wherever appropriate and policies and procedures have changed,” the source explained.

So, all staff members, along with the royal family members, will be aware of the revised policies and procedures. The Palace even revealed that lessons were already learned and had introduced improved HR policies, though the details of it had yet to be made public.

However, Palace said the changes would be shared when they announced the investigation in March 2021. Royal expert Katie Nicholl believed that the Palace decided not to publicly release the investigation result because Queen Elizabeth didn’t want any more drama.

In a poll Express made, it asked its readers if the investigation’s findings should be shared publicly. Of more than 17,000 respondents, 81% wanted Buckingham Palace to inform the public of the results.

Alternatively, 17% said no, while two percent were undecided. The respondents also shared their thoughts about the issue, with many saying the public should know the result of Meghan Markle’s bullying investigation.

One reader insisted that it should be made public “without a shadow of a doubt.” Another said that it affected the whole country, so they must see the results to show the mistakes on all sides.


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