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Meghan Markle’s Relationship with Reality Questioned by Insiders: ‘Warped Reality’

Vanity Fair writer Vanessa Grigoriadis recently shared her insights into Meghan Markle, suggesting that the Duchess of Sussex has “a strange relationship to objective reality.”

Grigoriadis discussed her thoughts on Markle during an appearance on Andrew Gold’s podcast “On the Edge,” providing a media insider’s perspective on the royal.

Grigoriadis explained that the way Markle and Prince Harry have depicted the press as a massive adversary is too convenient. She characterized Markle as a “striver” who aspired to become a “household name” and overcome her family’s “shaggy-dog-tale” existence. In the process, Markle grappled with “authenticity.”

During her reporting on Markle, Grigoriadis spoke with acquaintances who described the former “Suits” actress as someone who appears warm and friendly but is not a person one can genuinely befriend.

Additionally, Grigoriadis mentioned a writer colleague who spent a day with Markle and came away with the impression that “this person just is not on the level.” Some speculate the unnamed writer is Allison P. Davis, who penned a revealing profile of Markle for the Cut in August.

When asked by Gold how Markle compares to the narcissists and sociopaths Grigoriadis encountered in her career, such as while reporting on the NXIVM cult, Grigoriadis said that while Markle is not a psychopath, there is something “off about all of them,” referring to Markle and her family.

Grigoriadis also shared that an editor at an unnamed women’s magazine – not Vanity Fair – informed her they did not want any negative content about Markle on their website.

This revelation contrasts sharply with how Markle and Harry have portrayed their relationship with the press, which they discussed in their well-known Oprah interview and their Netflix docuseries, “Harry & Meghan.”

According to Grigoriadis, this discrepancy is part of Markle’s “warped reality.” She asserted that Markle was “desperate for the press to be interested in her,” and described the couple’s battles with the media as “an ace up the hole” for them. In this context, any manipulation of the press by Markle and Harry is now “justified.”


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