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Meghan,Harry Allegedly Begging Royal Family For Work, Money After Netflix Cancellation, Royal Gossip Says

Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry begging for work from the royal family? One report says the two are in dire need of cash after their Netflix series Pearl got cancelled. Here’s what we know.

According to New Idea, Prince Charles is drawing a financial line in the sand. With Pearl officially off Netflix’s slate, sources reveal Harry and Markle are begging him for money. “Their content deal with Netflix is the bulk of their income and a major reason they can afford their $20 million mansion in Montecito,” a source explains.

They need the Netflix money to afford their lifestyle, but Charles is supposedly reticent to open up the checkbook. “Charles is still stinging over Harry’s very public claim that he cut him off, which wasn’t true,” a source says. He thinks it would be bad optics for the royal family to support Harry at this point in time.

Harry and Markle are apparently now in desperation mode. “It is finally dawning on them that their real worth to viewers or listeners come from spilling royal secrets… the concern is they’ll double down on that to keep their lucrative deals in place,” an insider concludes. This may force Charles’ hand.

Gossip Cop can debunk this story whilst asleep. Markle was a millionaire before she married Harry, and Harry still has his ample inheritance from Diana. They live in a massive mansion in California and no doubt have millions saved up. They never need to work again, yet they do.

Plus, Harry and his wife are involved in finance and investing. They’re still getting paid by Netflix for Heart of Invictus and have podcasts on Spotify. Markle is a children’s book author to boot. Even Pearl isn’t dead yet. Markle is reportedly shopping the show around in hopes of finding a new home. The Sussexes have a lucrative web of diversified income streams. They don’t need Charles’ money to begin with, so this whole begging narrative is totally false.

New Idea recently announced Kate Middleton was texting Harry behind Markle’s back as if it could possibly have access to either’s cell phone. This tabloid is repeating itself as well. In November, Harry was also supposedly begging his father for forgiveness. This is just some weird fan fiction with nothing legitimate to back it up.

Back In January, this outlet published an entirely different story. It reported Charles was eager to finance Harry as long as Harry returned to the United Kingdom. Harry already has a residence in the UK whenever he wants it, so that story made very little sense. Look elsewhere for accurate royal news.


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