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Meghan’s ex-friend suggests she and Harry can’t be celebrities in Hollywood

Meghan’s former buddy says that she and Harry cannot be Hollywood celebrities.

According to a former friend of the Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have overestimated how much cache they would have in the world of Hollywood.

After leaving her position as a working royal, Meghan Markle, a former actress who is now married to Prince Harry, currently resides in California with her husband and two kids.

On November 19, 2013, Nick claims he asked Meghan to host the London Global Gift Gala at the ME Hotel, and that they stayed friends for a few years after that.

He added in a statement to the Daily Express, “She arrived via plane, and we quickly grew close. You see, we had a really lovely, enjoyable, and positive relationship. We had been pals for a while.”

Nick, the host of Royalty TV’s The Royal Agenda, said: “Knowing her and now seeing how she is adjusting to life in Los Angeles strikes me as being extremely interesting. I have many acquaintances there who are aware of how their reputation has evolved over time.”

Former pal of Meghan said: “You forget, I believe, that in Hollywood, royalty isn’t always someone with a title. Beyoncé, Sharon Stone, J.Lo, and the Kardashians are involved. Their royalty is that.”

They may have entered thinking they were the most important individuals on the street, but Nick believes they weren’t.

Said he, “They are actually fairly far down in the hierarchy. And I believe that their decision to stand down has been a problem.”

As King Charles’ coronation draws near, Meghan and Harry have been in the news.

Whether Meghan would go to the coronation with Harry is yet unknown.


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