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Melania Trump Pushed To Take A Page From Michelle Obama After Her Bombshell Revelation About Barack Obama?

For years Donald Trump and Melania Trump have been plagued by rumors that their marriage has faced some difficult eras.

Despite being very open about their lavish life, the power couple has not spoken about their romance. Michelle Obama is literally an open book when it comes to her complex marriage with Barack Obama.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been making the rounds to promote her latest book, The Light We Carry, gave a penetrating look into her 31-year marriage to former President Barack Obama.

During an interview on Revolt TV with several high-profile women, including Beyoncé‘s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, the former attorney made the jaw-dropping confession that sparked a heated conversation about marriage.

Michelle Obama confessed that she had dealt with marital issues for more than ten years and could not stand her spouse.

She said to the panel: “People think I’m being catty by saying this. It’s like, and there were ten years where I couldn’t stand my husband.”

The challenging years were when their daughters — Malia, 24, and Sasha, 21 — were younger and needed the care and attention of both parents, but that was impossible because of Barack Obama’s life and career choices.

It is believed that Michelle Obama felt resentment toward her husband, who was often absent chasing his political dreams either as an Illinois state senator or later as a U.S. senator in Washington, DC

During a period, the couple more or less had two households, and Michelle Obama revealed that she felt like a single mother.

Mrs. Obama went on to share more details about her anger and frustration at her husband by saying: “And for ten years while we’re trying to build our careers and, you know, worrying about school and who’s doing what and what, I was like, ‘Ugh, this isn’t even.’”

Michelle Obama said that the weight, struggles, doubts, and fears that come with parenthood are never totally evenly split and added: “There are times when I’m 70, and he’s 30. There are times he’s 60, 40.”

Michelle Obama concluded by saying that she was happy that she and her husband worked things out and added: “Ten years – we’ve been married 30. I would take ten bad years over 30 – it’s just how you look at it. And people give up.”

Many are wondering if Melania Trump will take a page from Michelle Obama and open up on a personal level about her high-profile romance with Donald Trump.

Melania Trump would certainly captivate readers if she ever decided to pull the curtain back and give a glimpse of her days as a model, becoming a businesswoman, her months on the campaign trail, and her four years in the White House.

Multiple books have been written about Melania Trump, including the one by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. Some political observers believe it is time she shares her side of the story with the world.


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