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Michelle Obama’s daughter Sasha’s unique tribute to her famous mom revealed as her private life is discussed in a rare interview

Michelle Obama may be one of the busiest public figures around, particularly as she gears up for the release of a new book, but she doesn’t shy away from spending time on her hobbies.

The former First Lady appeared in a televised conversation with Robin Roberts to promote her book The Light We Carry and talked about her love for knitting.

In fact, during their talk, she even brought out a bunch of her half-finished projects and supplies that she had handy in her bag.

“This is a project that I’ve been working on for a while,” she said of a salmon-colored creation, a sweater that she was in the middle of completing.

Robin definitely seemed quite impressed as Michelle continued: “I made this with my own hands. I have many things. I’ve made sweaters, and halter tops.

“Sasha, I made her a halter top that she wears to death. It is so cute on her, very boho-chic,” she said of her 21-year-old younger daughter.

She proudly declared herself a “knitter,” to Robin’s joy, who shared a clip capturing the moment on her social media and wrote: “‘Yes, I’m a knitter.’ 

“I love how proud #MichelleObama is of her new hobby. The former first lady has crafted several pieces and even knitted a shirt for her daughter Sasha.”

Fans loved seeing the glimpse of their life as a family and flocked to the comments section of the video to express the same.

One gushed: “Oh she needs to come out with a sweater collection!” while another said: “Mrs. Obama, please start an Etsy so I can buy your creations!”

A third also commented: “Sensational show, Michelle Obama will always be The First Lady to me,” while a fourth added: “She always gives us light to be empowering.”


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