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Country Gossip Says Miranda Lambert Supposedly Furious Over Blake Shelton’s Rumored Comments About Her

Are You Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert feuding? One tabloid claims country music’s favorite exes are badmouthing each other behind closed doors. Let’s take a closer look at the wild rumor.

Miranda Lambert Sick Of Fat Shaming?

The most recent edition National Enquirer According to reports, things have gotten worse between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. The article claims that Shelton secretly mocks Lambert’s weight behind closed doors. The magazine explains how Lambert lamented about her figure during an impromptu appearance at a Brooks & Dunn concert last month. “I would have worn fishnets and Spanx if I’d have known I’d be up here,”The country icon was noted.

Sources say Shelton and Gwen Stefani enjoyed the whole thing. “She and Blake laughed about how he dodged a bigger-than-ever bullet when he left Miranda and hooked up with Gwen,”The tipster goes wild. “When their jokes made their way back to Miranda she was hurt.”

Yet, Lambert seems happier than ever despite her weight gain. “Miranda knows she’s put on weight and puts a lot of blame on the pandemic—and just being relaxed with Brendan [McLoughlin]!”The tipster thinks, and then adds that Lambert got it “a big ego boost”After she was recognized by TIMEOne of their 100 Most Influential Individuals for 2022. “Miranda was hurt by Blake and Gwen’s insensitive comments. But she feels like she’s the winner here.”

Blake Shelton making fun of his ex-girlfriend?

This is a completely bizarre report. This story must be true. Shelton must be laughing at Lambert in secret. But not so secretly that Lambert can find out. However, his comments must be so secret that no other outlet can find them. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense to us either.

The truth is, Blake Shelton doesn’t really talk about Miranda Lambert publicly. Both Shelton, Lambert, and Shelton have gone on with their lives. They’ve married other people and seem happier than ever. So the notion of Shelton keeping tabs on Lambert’s weight is absolutely bizarre, let alone joking about it with his current wife.

But we’ve seen enough reports like these to know what’s really happening here: The tabloid wanted to make fun of Lambert’s weight without explicitly criticizing her, so it hid behind this bogus story about Shelton. But we aren’t falling for the outlet’s cruel charade. This tabloid is the true bully.

Miranda Lambert Magazine

Of course, we’ve learned to approach the National Enquirer‘s reporting on Lambert with a healthy dose of skepticism. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Miranda Lambert was racing Gwen Stefani to see who could have a baby first.

Then the magazine claimed Lambert banned her husband from joining her for her Vegas residency. And finally, the publication alleged Lambert and Shelton planned to go on tour together. When the National Enquirer can’There is no drama, it just creates it.


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