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Mother poured gasoline into crying 8-year-old son’s mouth and burned him alive ‘after he told his father this’!

All parents are aware that children are priceless gifts. As adults, it is our honor and duty to take care of them, pray for the safety and protection of all children, and assist the children in our immediate vicinity in living full and abundant lives. Moms should not damage their children; rather, they should protect them. Anastasia, a mother of three, was unfortunate in that this was not the case.

According to reports, the mother gave her son the harshest punishment since she felt betrayed by him for not helping her lie. Andrey, the boy, reportedly told his stepfather about his mother’s supposed lover visiting her. When Anastasia learned of this, she argued with her son and mercilessly killed him when he was only eight years old. The mother, a cashier, allegedly carried her son outside to the courtyard of their Russian home before dousing him in petrol.

When the helpless small child screamed in terror, the mother allegedly continued to pour the fuel into his mouth and say, “Let’s see how it burns,” before lighting a lighter. Natasha, the boy’s 12-year-old sister, stood a few steps away and observed the atrocity. The small girl added, “(The fuel) was running into his mouth, as he was crying. The daughter rushed away from the horrifying scene as their mother set fire to her sibling.

The boy was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after Anastasia and her husband quickly extinguished the fire. The boy died in the hospital two days after his mother lit him on fire since there wasn’t much that could be done to save him because he had suffered 45 percent burns.

An acquaintance witnessed Anastasia and her husband, Pavel, arguing prior to the boy’s terrible demise. “I noticed her waiting for the bus. She and her spouse got into a disagreement. She seems to have taken it out on her kids,” the neighbor alleged. In relation to the boy’s death, Anastasia is currently the subject of a criminal investigation.

According to reports, Andrey had previously been taken out of the mother’s care. Authorities are attempting to determine how the youngster ended up back in his mother’s custody.


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