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New PlayStation Remote Play update offers Android 12 users PS5 controller support

PlayStation Remote Play just got even better for Android 12 users thanks to a new update.

In a tweet earlier today, Sony announced that the new update, available to Android 12 users, was available globally now.

The update’s main focus appears to have been on controllers, as it enables Remote Play to pair with wireless DualSense controllers, and provides new features to DualShock 4 controllers devices paired with the system.

Those using the PS4 controller will now be able to take advantage of the touchpad, motion sensor, battery indicator, and rumble effects.

You’ll need a PS4 or PS5 to take advantage of remote play, but once you’ve got over that relatively small hurdle, the system lets you stream your games via any compatible device connected to your broadband network, like your phone, tablet, or laptop, or via your mobile data.

It won’t let you take your games completely on the go, but it will let you play PS5 games from your bed instead of your TV, and that’s pretty much ideal now that it’s getting colder, as you’ll have a perfect excuse to game from under the covers.

The new expansion of PS5 Remote Play comes at an excellent time, as there are already plenty of games to enjoy, with some big hitters on their way soon.

In the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to flick seamlessly from something like The Last of Us 2 or Ghost of Tsushima straight to God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West.


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