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Nicola Peltz’s Dad Wanted To Cancel Lavish Wedding To Brooklyn Beckham, Countersuit Claims

According to rumours, Nicola Peltz’s millionaire father was about to call off her extravagant nuptials to Brooklyn Beckham.

In April 2022, Nicola, 28, and Beckham, 23, exchanged vows in a $3 million event in Palm Beach, Florida.

The couple’s original wedding planners, Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba of Plan Design, were sued several months after the event by her father Nelson Peltz, who claimed they refused to return a $159,000 deposit. Six weeks before the wedding, the planners were hired, but they were fired nine days afterwards.

In their countersuit against Nelson, the two planners described the alleged conflict, drama, and infighting that they say made their jobs very challenging. They claimed, among other things, that Nelson almost called off the wedding.

According to the wedding planners‘ court documents, Nelson “paid more than $100,000 plus travel fees for Nicola’s hair and cosmetics services for the wedding.”

The records claimed that Claudia Peltz, Nicola’s mother, “stated to Braghin that Nelson could not know the cost of the hair and makeup, or he would “murder her, and be so upset.”

According to the countersuit, a meeting was convened on March 1, 2022, to address the difficulties in preparing the wedding. One of the issues they ran into was getting a precise guest list from both the bride’s and the groom’s sides. Nelson allegedly expressed frustration about the entire situation during the discussion, which took place more than a month before the wedding.

Nelson declared that he wanted to “cancel the wedding” and that it was “a s—t show” in front of Braghin and Grijalba “the documents stated. Nonetheless, Claudia pleaded with Nelson not to call off the nuptials because doing so would “destroy Nicola’s career.”

Claudia allegedly tried to conceal not only the full magnitude of the costs from Nelson but also the issues that had emerged along the procedure from Brooklyn’s mother, Victoria Beckham.

The Beckhams provided the planners with a guest list that was “completely organised with all contact information thoroughly edited and virtually ready to go,” according to the planners’ countersuit. Yet, they asserted that the Peltz family gave them a list of “wasn’t amended,not current and had the incorrect visitors.

Another guest list, they claimed, was sent to them by the bride and groom but it “included erroneous addresses, missing addresses… [and] some visitors with no point of contact.”

Nicola was allegedly “too busy to speak with Plan Design by telephone, thus all communication was performed by text messaging,” according to the countersuit.

In the end, Braghin and Grijalba were fired, and the family hired Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations to finish up the wedding preparations.

According to a previous Page Six report, Brooklyn’s mother and wife were at odds. According to the outlet’s unnamed source, the bride apparently did not want her mother-in-law to participate in the wedding planning.

The insider said Victoria and her daughter-in-law “can’t stand each other and don’t talk.” “The wedding’s lead-up was horrible.”


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