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Nicole Kidman’s husband Keith Urban leaves fans in tears with a moment during the recent live show

Keith Urban has had many memorable moments during his The Speed of Now world tour, but one of them was definitely enough to have his fans tearing up.

The singer briefly paused his performance at a recent show in the United States to talk to a family that was standing close to the stage.

After speaking with a couple, he was introduced to their son, Kellen, who was clearly excited to be there as he sat on his dad’s shoulders.

Keith then offered to sign a cardboard guitar that they’d brought with them, and while doing so, Kellen’s father made a touching reveal.

“When [Kellen] was born, they said he would never walk or talk, and now he knows all of your songs,” he told the musician, which clearly left him quite moved.

He immediately reached over to give Kellen a warm hug as fans cheered them on, praising him for his strength and saying that he was “so glad you’re here.”

The clip was shared by the social media page Good News Movement, terming it a “beautiful exchange,” and fans reacted with emotional messages.

“I’m not crying. You’re crying,” one wrote, while another said: “He’s one of the kindest and most genuine artists out there.”

A third added: “This moment must mean so much to the whole family. Small acts of kindness,” while Sharon Stone even shared the clip on her own social media.

The musician is finally excited to take things back to where it all began for him, as the next leg of his tour will commence in Australia, where he grew up.

His wife Nicole Kidman was certainly excited by the prospect of seeing her husband again, given that the end of the tour’s latest leg in North America gives him a nearly month-long break.

She shared a clip of highlights from his tour on her Instagram Stories earlier in the month and gushed: “Congratulations baby! What an amazing tour, next on #TheSpeedOfNow world tour – is Australia! Come and see us!”


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