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Nicole Kidman Recalls Growing Up In Poverty, Says She Has That In Common With Husband Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban are one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples, but the Australian actress recently opened up about their humble beginnings in a new interview with Glamour UK

Kidman Reveals ‘My Parents Came From Nothing’

“I’ve always been aware of privilege because both my parents came from nothing,” Kidman Detailed explanation. “When we moved to America, we had nothing. My parents had to go to the Salvation Army and get a donated mattress, which we all slept on, while my mum helped put my dad through his Ph.D. as he came from a very poor family.”

The actress said that she felt less than other people made it easier for her to want to help others. “When [my father] became a psychologist, he would offer his behavioral therapy for nothing if they didn’t have any money because he just wanted to help.”

“I grew up with one of the gentlest, kindest fathers who was a giver and my mother was a nurse, so my family had that social conscience,” Kidman continued. Urban shares this “social conscience”His upbringing. 

Urban’s Upbringing Matched Her Own

“I also married a man who’s totally self-made and came from a background where he said every brick in his house is a gig,”The actress shared. “He grew up on a farm, literally in a shed. They didn’t have bedrooms. Four of them lived in a shed that subsequently burned down. They have talked of a community that came and helped their family because they had nothing.”

Why Kidman Feels ‘Confident’How to Take Care of Others

Kidman also felt that her mother’s treatment for breast cancer made her a more compassionate and caring person in her youth. Kidman was only a teenager at that time. 

She said, “I’m an eldest child, my mother had breast cancer when I was 17, and I had to take care of her. That’s a place in which I feel confident and I feel good when I’m able to do it.”Kidman said that she takes the same care as her daughters Sunday and Faith. 

“For a parent to say to a child, ‘You’re loved. You’re just loved,’ is the most important thing, and, ‘you can believe, you can do, you can be who you are, and I will love you,””Kidman said it. Kidman’s struggles and early life have made her the compassionate person she is today. 


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