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Magazine Rumor Says Nicole Kidman Apparently Banned Keith Urban From Going Out With His Band On Tour

It is Nicole Kidman shortening Keith Urban‘s leash? One tabloid claims the actress is terrified of letting her husband go on tour without her. Here’The latest gossip about the beloved couple in Australia.

Keith Urban ‘Banned From Hanging With The Band’?

The latest edition In Touch According to reports, Nicole Kidman is becoming a helicopter husband. The actress was recently spotted onstage with Keith Urban, her husband, during his final Las Vegas residency performance.

But sources say she was secretly in the city for the majority of Urban’s eight-month commitment. Kidman, apparently, was there to keep an eye on Urban. “wouldn’t allow him to go out with his band because there are tons of groupies looking to bed stars,”An insider’s guide to cooking.

“Everyone’s heard nightmare stories about people having affairs while they’re in town.”According to sources, Kidman was there for Urban to avoid all temptations. The singer has been open about his past struggles with alcoholism, and Kidman has apparently been making sure he doesn’t fall off of the wagon. “Nicole keeps him close to help block temptation,”The tipster is done.

Nicole Kidman Keeps Keith Urban Sober

This report makes it seem like everything is wrong. First of all, Kidman certainly wasn’t in Vegas for the past eight months. This actress has been busier than usual over the past year. She filmed multiple projectsTwo major motion pictures were released. She was also on the awards show circuit this year and won a Golden Globe as Lucille Ball. Being the Ricardos. We’re absolutely certain she wasn’t spending that time making sure Urban didn’t leave his Vegas hotel room.

Furthermore, the audience at Urban’s concert absolutely went wild when he invited Kidman on stage. The sweet moment was one to remember, so it’s just wrong to adulterate it with these rumors of jealousy.

Urban is also set to Tour both Australia and the United StatesThis nonsense about Kidman hovering above him throughout the rest of the year seems extremely unlikely.

The Tabloids on Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Although Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have one of the most strong marriages in the entertainment business, they are continually plagued with these offensive stories. We busted this scandal not too long ago. Star for claiming Urban was jealous of Kidman’s relationship with a male co-star.

Then Woman’s Day claimed Kidman and Urban were caught fighting during a New Year’s Eve party. And the same tabloid once reported Kidman was cozying up to Michelle Pfeiffer’s husband. Obviously, we’re immediately skeptical of anything the tabloids say about Kidman and Urban’s marriage.


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