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Nicole Kidman Slays On The Balenciaga Couture Catwalk

Nicole KidmanShe was delighted to make an unannounced appearance at Paris Fashion Week earlier in the month and walk the Balenciaga catwalk.

Other celebrities were also present. Kim Kardashian Supermodel legend Naomi Campbell. The Big Little Lies star shared a peek behind the scenes on Instagram and we can’t help but keep going back to that magical moment. 

Nicole Kidman Dominates Haute Couture Show

Nicole Kidman looked stunning in a beautiful silver gown. She was the star of the Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week show. It was a tough competition as Kidman was joined at the show by Naomi Campbell, a seasoned model, and Kim Kardashian. 

Kardashian is now more associated with the brand, but we remember Kidman making the most impression, wearing a Balenciaga outfit all over our bodies to the 2021 Met Gala. 

Kidman, if it weren’t for the silver color in her gown would have looked just like Lady Liberty. The long, one-shoulder gown was made of crinkled silver and featured a long train. Kidman completed the sophisticated look with a pair black opera gloves that reached almost to her shoulders.

View the Full Fashion Show here

Kidman may not be a regular on catwalks but she walked this show like a pro. Her shoulders were straightened, showcasing her excellent posture. Kidman’s eyes remained trained forward and she walked with a confidence that practically oozed from her pores. 

After she’d finished her catwalk, which had the audience scrambling to get their phones up in time to snap a photo, Kidman uploaded some pictures and videos of behind the scenes antics before her big moment.

Sneak Peek Behind-the-Scenes

Her True Love and Support

The photos of Keith Urban and his wife were our favorite snaps. Of course the country crooner was right there by his wife’s side for the momentous occasion. After all, this couple has a history of supporting each other’s work and accomplishments with a joy that we find enviable. 

Kidman was Urban’s stagehand during several at-home concerts he performed in 2020 while many people around the world were stuck at home trying to avoid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Kidman letting her husband use his instruments and equipment while the fans danced to his music was an amazing moment.

It’s beautiful how much they involve each other in different aspects of their lives. No wonder they are one of the world’s favorite power couples.


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