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No more N64 controllers to be sold this year, says Nintendo

If you’ve been hoping you could snag an N64 Switch controller for Christmas, you’re out of luck. They will be returning in 2022.

The Nintendo 64 controller for the Nintendo Switch is every gamer’s nostalgic dream, bringing us right back to what in many people’s minds was a golden period for Nintendo, and the early days of controller design.

The controllers originally went on sale in mid-October, and then went on sale again a few days ago, but it seems that now there is officially none left.

Checking out the Nintendo website, it seems that the controllers were only ever being sold in the UK and North America. Looking at the UK site, you can see that the controllers are currently sold out.


The photo above shows that there are no controllers left, with the note that the item is out of stock. Scrolling a little further down the page showed Nintendo claiming that the controller would be back in stock by 2022, so you’ll be waiting at least a few months before you get your hands on the old-school controller.

The controller was originally released ahead of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which was the introduction of a new premium Nintendo Switch Online tier where gamers could access Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games.


The good news is, you don’t need the N64 controller to play games on your Switch, it’s just been reported that the controls and button layout for some games don’t feel too great to play on the Joy-Con, and that they translate better on the old controller.

As we’re writing this article, the Sega Genesis Control Pad is still available on the Nintendo Store, so you do have the option to kick back with some original Sonic.

If you’re holding out for the N64 controller, you can sign up to become a member of Nintendo Switch Online, as you can only purchase the controllers if you are subscribed.

Also, there is a limit of four per person, just in case anyone was planning on buying N64 controllers for all their Christmas presents.


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