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NSA Jake Sullivan Reportedly Asks US Congress to Offer $1 Billion Loan Guarantees to Ukraine

The national security adviser reportedly explained that the loan guarantees were needed to soothe concerns about the allegedly possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. Kiev itself, however, has repeatedly voiced its doubts whether the invasion is possible and Moscow has strongly rejected claims that it plans to attack.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan asked Congress to consider offering $1 billion loan guarantees to Ukraine in the light of allegations about a possible invasion by Russia, Fox News has reported citing anonymous sources. Moscow has repeatedly denied these allegations over the past months.

He reportedly justified the measure by the need to “calm market concerns” about a possible war erupting in Ukraine.

Fox News earlier said that Sullivan will be briefing congressional leaders and members of key House and Senate committees on the latest developments concerning Ukraine and the allegedly possible “Russian invasion”.

Sullivan has previously claimed that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could happen within weeks, if not days. However, the national security adviser also admitted on 13 February that the US “cannot predict the precise day or time” the alleged attack will start. He and the US Department of State have called on Americans in Ukraine to leave the country, and Washington has reportedly reduced its diplomatic mission there to 22 people.

“We have seen over the course of the past 10 days a dramatic acceleration in the build-up of Russian forces and the disposition of those forces in such a way that they could launch a military action essentially at any time”, he said.

US President Joe Biden vowed during a recent phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that the US and its allies will act “swiftly and decisively” if Russia invades his country. However, Washington noted on several occasions that it will not send troops to help Ukraine in such a scenario. Sullivan confirmed this position on 13 February saying that “Biden is not intending to send in American forces to fight Russia in that war”.

The White House and its European allies are discussing sanctions options against Russia should it invade Ukraine – something the Kremlin said it will never do. Sanctions reportedly include the “nuclear option” at some point of cutting Russia off from the SWIFT banking system, but it is said that this has been scrapped.

Despite US politicians continuing to hype the possibility of an alleged invasion, Ukraine authorities repeatedly disagreed with their assessments over the past weeks, calling on western allies to tone down the hysteria. Moscow repeatedly requested the same of the US and other NATO members, rejecting allegations that they were planning to attack Ukraine.

The Kremlin pointed out that it has the right to move its troops as it pleases within its own territory. Moscow further highlighted the traditionally high NATO military presence right outside Russia’s borders and came up with proposals on regional security and stability. Though the US and NATO rejected the key proposals, such as NATO’s non-expansion, they agreed to discuss other ideas, such as arms control or reducing the scale of military drills.


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