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Dubious Gossip Says Pete Davidson’s Friends Apparently Begging Him Not To Propose To Kim Kardashian

what do the friends of pete davidson think about Kim Kardashian? One report says they are urging him not to ask the question. This is what is said.

“Pete has a family ring!”

for him national investigatorDavidson is so smitten with Kardashian that he’s already bought her an engagement ring. Apparently, the only thing keeping her from proposing is his close friends, who are afraid she’ll do it too soon.

“Pete has bought the rings and is ready to propose,” reveals a source. “He got engaged to Ariana Grande just a few weeks after dating her, so no one should be surprised that we’re in the same situation with Kim.”

Leading with his heart above his head, Davidson has reportedly convinced himself that Kardashian is the one.

He is willing to do anything to keep her close to her, but her friends apparently think that a premature proposal from her will only drive him away from her and break his heart. The insider concludes, “Kim really loves Pete too. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to get married today!”

The detail of Kim Kardashian’s lost key

There is a huge elephant in the room that the investigator omitted to mention: Kanye West. While Kim Kardashian is legally single, it’s hard to imagine that she would complicate her custody battle by getting engaged before she settles. Davidson would have to be aware of this.

The outlet tries to give Davidson a reputation he hasn’t earned. Sure, he and Grande got engaged in less than a month, but an isolated incident isn’t predictive behavior. Davidson did not propose to Kate Beckinsale, Phoebe Dynevor or Olivia O’Brien.

Plus, Davidson and Kardashian have now dated for nine months. That’s still a pretty quick turnaround, but it’s dramatically longer than his relationship with Grande.

For all these reasons, the investigator it sure seems full of her. Considering that you have no hard evidence beyond a few alleged sources, we can confidently call this story false. Even if Davidson’s friends fear a commitment, they would never betray his trust by speaking to this tabloid.

More Pete Davidson Rumors

Last month, the investigator reclaimed Pete Davidson was dodging checks on dates with kardashian. He’s done stuff in the last couple of years about cashing checks with her and West, so it just rang false. We also discovered her story on Kardashian. forcing Davidson to resign SNL. She has had one foot out the door for years.

Finally, there was his great story about Kardashian stealing from Davidson by Kaley Cuoco. Cuoco and Davidson are friends, but that’s it. These insiders don’t actually know anything about Davidson and Kardashian’s personal lives, so this story is totally bogus.


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