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Sketchy Gossip Says Pete Davidson Supposedly Fed Up With Kim Kardashian’s Obsession With Her Body

is Kim Kardashian too obsessed for Peter Davidson? One report says she’s so wrapped up in her looks that it’s straining her romance with Davidson. Let’s watch the story and find out what’s really going on.

‘Body Crazy Kim Driving Pete Nuts’

Corresponding life & style, Kardashian’s desire to lose weight is killing Davidson. Her obsession with physical perfection has Davidson worried she’s not eating enough. “Kim’s obsession with being size zero,” says a source, “it’s really taken over her life and turned her into a complete bore.”

That Saturday night live Alum no longer seems to feel joy at dinner. A source concludes, “Pete hates watching Kim push food around her plate at parties or in restaurants and just wishes she was enjoying herself.”

Is Kim Kardashian losing weight?

Where does this information come from? Pete Davidson has never said anything like it, and Kim Kardashian would never put himself down like that. The article is stitched together with deprecations and judgmental language. It’s one thing to say Kardashian is on a diet, but the mere use of the term “body crazy” proves the tabloid is really just writing a hit article aimed at her.

Earlier this week, Kardashian flew around the world so she could see each other again Davidson in Australia. He is busy filming Wizard! with Orlando Bloom, and she missed him. If that’s not a sign that these two are in love with each other, then just watch this Cavalcade of PDA this shows up on Instagram. They are all on top of each other. Kardashian’s body is the opposite of a problem for Davidson.

A Tale of Trashy

life & style called once Davidson the “Ultimate Groomzilla” when he was planning a wedding to Ariana Grande. Now that looks pretty absurd considering the two never actually got married. We also came across his story Davidson’s mom hates Kardashian. On the contrary, it is crazy about kardashian and reportedly wants them to have babies.

This story is not the first time life & style has put Kardashian’s body in the spotlight. In 2020, it claimed Meghan Markle was obsessed with Kardashian and even consider Botox to look more like her.

This story was false and exposed this rag as sexist garbage. Markle isn’t obsessed with Kardashian as more than one woman is capable of finding success for something other than her body.

Either way, Davidson and Kardashian look as passionate as ever. Since there is no evidence of bodily problems, we will readily dismiss this story as completely false.


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